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Medico Legal

Mr. Bohra has an active interest in medico legal work. He is based in Midlands and sees clients in Birmingham, Halesowen and Derby. He is aware of the requirements of Part 35 and Practice Direction 35, the Protocol for the Instruction of Experts to give Evidence in Civil Claims¬†and the Practice Direction on pre-action conduct. He obtained the ‘Bond Solon Civil Procedure Rules for Expert Witnesses Certificate’ to evidence¬†his understanding and compliance with the above requirements. He has undertaken numerous courses and attended relevant conferences to keep himself updated in the field. He has been providing medical expert witness reports over the last 7 years for law firms and agencies across the country. He is a member of the BMLS (Birmingham Medico Legal Society). He has also worked for NHS LA and has been an invited speaker for NHS LA in the past.

He provides reports for a variety of General and Gastrointestinal Surgical cases, Accident claims, and Negligence claims. He has experience of providing report for claimants, defendants and joint representation and joint reporting.

The medico legal interest in surgical issues includes medico legal reports, case management reporting, injury or trauma including hernia, accident claim, emergency surgery, medical errors, medical negligence, clinical negligence and accident claims pertaining to general health care, symptoms, major and minor general surgical procedures and complications, and subspecialty issues related to abdominal, laparoscopic and gastro-intestinal surgery. A detailed report with a summary will be prepared within 4 weeks or sooner if required, after receiving all relevant documents and information following the instruction. For further information,’ Terms and Conditions’ and medicolegal appointments, please contact him directly through email ( or the enquiry form, for his services as a medical expert witness.